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Put simply... Micogreens are mini herbs & vegetables. Only some don't quite look like their mature versions. Typically they small green leafy plants. Exceptions to this are Red Beets, Sunflower Shoots, and the herb varieties (the are just smaller than usual). 

To grow these little beauties we take a normal seed eg a kale seed & grow intensely in our grow room for around 7 days (dependant on each variety), then it's harvest time!

Due to the intensity of growth, these little leafy plants are PACKED with nutritional value; just 1 teaspoon of Microgreens can contain up to 40 times as much nutrients than the mature vegetables we are used too!

Across the board these little greens are great for body health, from immune system aid to lowering cholesterol - each Microgreen has it's unique profile which may appeal to your nutritional Needs & Interests!  




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