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Devon Microgreens

Offering Exceedingly Delicious & Nutritious Mini herbs & Veggies.

-   ABOUT US  -

We are lucky enough to be based in the heart of the South Hams, Stoke Gabriel, Devon.

A team of two, Ben and Clare are the bodies behind the business! Ben's green-fingered knowledge has grown from his Chilli & Spice Farm success at Stoke Fire Chilli Farm and Clare's experience in marketing and helping out on the family farm, creates a great partnership!


We are excited about working with local people & businesses!  From restaurants to deli's and you at home, we aim to provide a personal service which meets everyone's taste buds & nutritional interests. 

Our ambition is to normalise the consumption of Microgreens for more than just a 'garnish' to our meal.  These miniature veggies, not only look aesthetic & tasty, they are FULL of nutritional value! WAY more than any mature vegetable. 

We are here


Mustard Microgreen Seeds
Microgreens Growing in Grow Room

We use organic seeds across our Microgreens range. Some are divided into punnets for individual sale, harvestable by YOU!

Coriander Microgreen Seeds
Borage in Grow Room

Once seeds have started to germinate, they are put in our custom built growing room! (Built by Ben) These will live in here, until ready for harvest.

Harvesting Time! We have 'Harvest Your Own' punnets OR we offer pre-cut re-sealable 30g pots of your chosen Microgreens! We Deliver them, You Enjoy them!

Punnet of Pea Shoots
Pre Cut Pot of Peashoots
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